Marcelo Gomes at Home


Marcelo Gomes as Conrad in Le Corsaire, July 7, 2012 (Ethan Stiefel’s final ABT performance). Click for more photos of Marcelo.

The New York Times has an article in the real estate section on ABT Principal Dancer Marcelo Gomes’ 475 square foot condo in Hell’s Kitchen along with a slide show of his favorite items in his home. Quotes:

  • “As soon as he could arrange it, Mr. Gomes relocated to the Upper West Side, where he remained for five years before moving to Hell’s Kitchen, his home for the last decade. “I love the neighborhood,” he said. “It’s a little bit of everything and a little bit of everybody. There are tourists who’ve gotten lost, gays, straights, actors, dancers, families, kids going to school.””
  • “While he “loves traveling and performing in different theaters around the world,” he said, “there is something about coming back to my little apartment that is, oh, so nice. I feel protected and safe here. And there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed,” he added, smoothing down the covers.”
  • “While there are photos of Mr. Gomes in performance on the walls, “it’s not that I want to bring my work home,” he said. “But I feel there are some milestones that you’d like to remember. It’s nice to look at a picture and think: ‘Oh, I did that with my friend.’ Or ‘I spent five months working on ‘Lady of the Camellias’ with Diana Vishneva, and here we are at the curtain call.’ ””

As usual, Marcelo has a busy spring schedule: Washington DC: The Dream-4/15; Don Quixote-4/17; NY: Gaîté Parisienne-5/20, 5/21; La Bayadère-5/23; Manon 6/3, 6/7; Cinderella-6/10, 6/13, Giselle-6/16; Swan Lake-6/23; The Tempest 6/30, 7/2; The Dream-7/1.