Radetsky in Vogue

ABT Soloist Sascha Radetsky has a nice piece in Vogue.com. The Vogue article is the first part in a series that chronicles his last season at ABT. I interviewed him on his passion for writing last week.

Sascha’s article documents his last rehearsal at ABT studios at 890 Broadway and the countless memories over the years such as meeting his wife (Soloist Stella Abrera) and throwing firecrackers out of the window.

“But it’s old 890 that left its footprint on me. The rituals that unfold inside—the learning of choreography, the wisecracking in the locker room, the furious training sessions and tranquil interludes on the physical therapy table—have governed my days for so long, life without them is hard to fathom. The building rumbles not just with clamorous plumbing, but with strong currents of meaning.”