Ashley Bouder Project at Symphony Space

Above photo: Ashley Bouder and Ron Wasserman, photo by Diano Mino courtesy of Jazzharmonic. With the New York City Ballet Winter season wrapping up this week, those experiencing NYCB withdrawal symptoms will want to check out works from the Ashley Bouder Project. The group will perform at the Peter Norton Symphony Space (95th and Broadway) March 17-18 with several newly commissioned works. New York Jazzharmonic, headed by Ron Wasserman, will be the accompanying orchestra. On the bill are works from modern dance choreographer Liz Gerring creating a pas de deux with Ashley and fellow NYCB Principal Dancer Sarah Mearns; a work created by Ashley and New York Jazzharmonic Associate Director Miho Hazama; and a revival of Susan Stroman’s Blossom Got Kissed set to Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn. NYCB’s Andrew Veyette will also perform. The last Ashley Bouder Project performance was in 2015.

Ron says that Ashley has always been one of his favorite dancers, which led to the collaboration.  “I love how she always takes her performance right to the audience. She is interested in seemingly unrelated collaborations; I had my jazz orchestra concert series, and was very happy when she agreed to have us accompany her. I also love the idea of the two woman pas de deux with Sara Mearns, and the idea of commissioning an all women group of choreographers and composers.”
Ashley is a bundle of energy on stage and that energy carries over to her spare time projects. It’s a wonder that Ashley has the time and energy to pursue such projects given her full-time responsibilities at NYCB. “Ashley is a whirlwind of energy and an amazing person,” Ron says. “I don’t think she sleeps actually, even before she had her baby about nine months ago. She missed less than a year of NYCB with her pregnancy and birth, and we have been planning this performance the whole time.”

Tickets are available at the Symphony Space website or by calling (212) 864-5400.

Ron has logged around 5,000 performances in every arts genre, including over 900 performances of The Nutcracker as a member of the NYCB Orchestra, according to the Jazzharmonic website. He is also a member of JP Jofre Hard Tango Chamber Band.