Breaking Pointe Season 3?

Last night, I commented on the upcoming New York City Ballet documentary and made negative comments about “Breaking Pointe,” a reality series that follows dancers from Utah-based Ballet West. To my surprise, the folks at CW Network actually favorited my tweet. Maybe I should be nastier in the future for more Twitter action.

Seriously, I hope to see a season three of the series, but with more focus on dancing rather than personal relationships. Having watched most of season two (I still have three episodes to go-blogging is eating into my TV time), I know that Zach is gay, talks too much, and makes everyone’s personal affairs his own; Ian, his competitor for a spot in the company, is straight and is a brown noser. However, I don’t know anything about their dancing and whether the company made the right decision choosing Zach over Ian. Similarly, I wonder how good Principal Dancer Chris Rudd is relative to dancers in major companies like ABT and New York City Ballet. Nobody knows from watching the show because there are no dancing segments for more than 10 seconds. In season three, how about a few solos lasting a minute to show off the dancers?