Elisabeth Beyer YouTube Video: Incredible Fouettés

It’s not often that I see a ballet step that I have not seen before, but that was the case when American Ballet Theatre’s Elisabeth Beyer posted an Instagram video from World Ballet Day in November 2023. In the brief clip, she showed off some remarkable fouettés with a variant I have never seen before. Take a look at my YouTube video and I provide details on what makes Elisabeth’s turns so remarkable.

I’ve watched Elisabeth since she was 14 years old as a student at Ellison Ballet performing in semi-annual showcases, and followed her career since she joined the American Ballet Theatre Studio Company in 2020 and ABT in 2023. I’ve always been impressed with her advanced technique at such a young age and look forward to more of her work.

Here is an interview with Elisabeth after winning the prestigious Moscow International Ballet Competition in 2018 followed by a Gold Medal at the USA International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi:

Thanks to Elisabeth for information on this turn series. As always, many thanks to Stephen Nelson for helpful comments.