Mixed Rep-August 1

New York City Ballet Tickets
New York City Ballet single tickets go on sale Monday, August 11. The fall season at Koch Theater, Lincoln Center runs from September 23-October 19.

Mariinsky’s Romeo and Juliet
Here is a negative review from Neil Norman of the Express of the Mariinsky’s Romeo and Juliet. He doesen’t like Leonid Lavrosky’s 1940 Soviet era production or Romeo (Konstantin Zverev) “…he is a personality-free zone” but enjoyed “…the luminous presence of Anastasia Matvienko.”

Solo dances are a breath of fresh air when they are not suffocated by acres of crowds in this disappointing start to the Mariinksy Ballet tour

Romeo and Juliet is showing until August 16 at the Royal Opera House.

The Bolshoi at Saratoga
Lynn Hasselbarth of Metroland liked the Bolshoi’s Don Quixote in Saratoga, New York Tuesday.

Maria Alexandrova excelled at her portrayal of Kitri, with her famous split leaps and fouettés down a long diagonal, flanked by the waving capes of matadors. Vladislav Lantratov offered a charming and youthful Basilio, with his elegant tours en l’air and quick footwork.

Tonight is the Bolshoi’s final Saratoga performance.

Conductors and Dance
Marina Harss in The New York Times has an interesting article on conductors and dance.

The secret to being a good ballet conductor, then, seems to consist of a mixture of pure musicality and sensitivity to the needs of the dancers. As Mr. Sorokin (Pavel Sorokin, conductor of the Bolshoi Orchestra) says, “You must understand how difficult it is, what they are doing.”

Boring PBS Lineup
Terry Teachout of the Wall Street Journal gives a historical perspective on PBS and argues that the current arts lineup is boring.

Last week, PBS announced its new Arts Fall Festival lineup. Paula Kerger, the network’s president and CEO, has been playing it ultrasafe ever since, in 2011, she launched the annual Fall Festival as PBS’s flagship arts-programming venture. I surveyed the first year’s shows and found them to be “a stiff dose of the usual safety-first pledge-week fare.” I hoped back then that things might improve over time, but the entries for 2014 are even blander and more predictable.