Mixed Rep-October 23

David Hallberg is featured on the NBC Nightly News, discussing the new Bolshoi season following the sulfuric acid attack on the company’s artistic director, former dance star Sergei Filin.


David Hallberg in La Sylphide, June 18, 2009. Click for more photos.

Former ABT Principal Dancers Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky will perform in The Nutcracker on December 8 with the Nikka Ballet at the Millennium Theatre in Brooklyn. Irina and ABT Soloist Sascha Radetsky will dance in The Nutcracker on December 14 and 15 in Madison, Wisconsin, according to Max and Irina’s website. Also, with Festival Ballet in Orange County on December 18.

Irina-Dvorovenko and-Maxim Beloserkovsky-Don-Quixote-6-12-08

Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky in Don Quixote, June 12, 2008. Click for more photos.

Former ABT Principal Dancer José Manuel Carreño is off to a roaring start as new Artistic Director at Ballet San Jose. On November 16 at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, the company will host a gala performance featuring dancers from Ballet San Jose and guest artists from ABT: Misty Copeland, Marcelo Gomes, Julie Kent and Gillian Murphy; from New York City Ballet: Joaquin De Luz, Megan Fairchild, Gonzalo Garcia, Maria Kowroski, Ask La Cour and Daniel Ulbricht; from San Francisco Ballet: Taras Domitro and Maria Kochetkova; from Boston Ballet: Lorna Feijoo and Nelson Madrigal; and international artists Adiarys Almeida and Joseph Gatti. Nice to have friends in high places.


José Manuel Carreño in Don Quixote, May 20, 2011. Click for more photos.

New York City Ballet Principal Dancers Joaquin De Luz and Ana Sophia Scheller will perform in Boca Raton, Florida on November 10 for the Boca Ballet Theatre Guild gala “A Princely Affair.” Here is Ana rehearsing a fouetté section from Le Corsaire for the performance, throwing in doubles and a triple pirouette. I like the way Ana hits a nice a la seconde position (facing front, leg extended to the side) at a 90 degree angle every time. Sometimes I see women “cheat” when doing fouettés, keeping their leg low and not hitting a second position to generate more power for the turns.

Ana-Sopha-Scheller-Jared-Angle-The-Four-Temperaments-New-York-City-Ballet-Oct 4 2013 (1)

Ana Sophia Scheller and Jared Angle, The Four Temperaments, October 4, 2013

Daniel Ulbricht’s Stars of American Ballet will perform in Boca Raton with Boca Ballet Theatre on March 5, 2014. Joining Daniel will be New York City Ballet Principal Dancers Megan  Fairchild, Robert Fairchild, Tiler Peck, Andrew Veyette, and Soloist Lauren Lovette.