New Daniil Simkin YouTube Video: WOW!! How Did He Do That!!

Check out my latest YouTube on Daniil Simkin. I’ve enjoyed watching Daniil at American Ballet Theatre since he joined the company in 2008. He has a unique style that I tried to explain in the video. Daniil is an influential dancer with an innovative style that many young dancers emulate. In particular, his turns are stellar, as he has a unique ability to control enough force for 6-8 turns consistently. His turning abilities allow him to perform creative variations on his turns in second position.  Daniil’s leaps draw great applause from audiences with “circus tricks” like 540s and triple sauts de basque. Noteworthy is that he was trained at an early age by his dancer parents. This video highlights unique characteristics of Daniil’s dancing with examples from his solos. Also, check out my curtain call photos on my photography website

Thanks to Stephen Nelson for great comments on previous video drafts that greatly shaped the video.