RIOULT Dance NY at Joyce Theater

Above photo from from RIOULT Dance NY. RIOULT Dance NY will present its 2018 New York season Wednesday through Sunday at the Joyce Theater (click for ticket information).

“The program Written for Dance is inspired by the music of Russian composers representing three distinct musical periods – the romantic, the neo-classic, and the contemporary. The program will feature Rioult’s Dream Suite, (2014) a contemporary take on romanticism set to Tchaikovsky’s “Orchestral Suite No. 2 in C Major”; Les Noces, (2005) a sexually charged deconstruction of the marriage ritual danced to Stravinsky’s score of the same name; and a World Premiere, Nostalghia, set to a commissioned score by Polina Nazaykinskaya and performed with live music,” according to the company.

“Rioult and Nazaykinskaya continue the rich tradition of composer-choreographer collaboration through Nostalghia. Together they examine the unique relationships individuals have with their cultural history and reflect on how this history persists in the face of the growing influence of western pop culture. Inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Nostalghia, RIOULT incorporates cinematic elements into the choreography. Long-time RIOULT collaborator Brian Beasley will design a projected visual “score” enhancing the theatrical experience. With costumes by Naomi Luppescu and lighting design by the Company’s resident lighting designer Jim French, RIOULT will capture the nostalgic and evocative atmosphere defined in Tarkovsky’s films,” according to the company.

Composer Polina Nazaykinskaya’s music has been performed by the Russian National Orchestra, the Minnesota Orchestra, and the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, among others.

I enjoyed the RIOULT performance last year. Click here for my thoughts.