Step of the Day: Jeté Entrelace

Step of the Day: Jeté Entrelacé (zhuh-TAY ahn-truh-la-SAY) is a jump from one foot, followed by a half turn, then a split jump landing on the other foot. The step is common for both men and women. The step is commonly referred to as a Tour Jeté. Gail Grant in her Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet calls this reference a “corruption of the term.” More proper names are Grand Jeté Dessus en Tournant (French School), Grand Jeté en Tournant en Arriére (Cecchetti method), or Jeté Entrelacé (Russian School). Because all of these terms are a mouthful for such a simple step, many prefer Tour Jeté.

I show some great examples of the step. Ethan Stiefel performs jeté entrelacé en menage (circle). The step after his grand jeté en tournant is a grand jeté a la seconde. Note his great extension and line. In the second clip, Leonid Sarafanov in La Bayadére takes extension to a new level with a greater than 180 degree split at the peak of his jump. Amazing sequence. Igor Zelensky of the Kirov Ballet (now Mariinsky) in Swan Lake shows great command along the diagonal.


American Ballet Theatre Le Corsaire, Image Entertainment, 2000

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The Kirov Ballet Swan Lake, Kultur Video, 1991