50th Anniversary of
Churchill’s Death

In non-ballet news, today is the 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death at age 90 in 1965.


Churchill War Rooms. Click for more London photos.

Our family visited London last spring and visiting the Churchill War Rooms was a highlight. The Churchill War Rooms is a fascinating museum in London (near the Palace of Westminster and Saint James’s Park) consisting of the Cabinet War Rooms and the Churchill Museum. The War Rooms are an underground complex that housed the British government during World War II; the site became operational in August 1939, days before the German invasion of Poland and remained in operation until August 1945. The War Rooms were fortified on several occasions during the German bombing of London. However, a recurring theme of the museum was that it was not all that secure. A sign on the wall of the museum reads:

This was the Global Hub of Information on the War
The Government’s Secret Bomb Shelter
An East Target that was Never Hit

The Churchill museum covers the many chapters of his life: early military service, early years in Parliament, involvement in First World War, political isolation, return from political exile, stirring defiance against the Germans, and post-war activities. Being at the hub of activity for Britain’s planning during the war was a great experience and I posted many photos of the rooms from the visit.