ABT Manon in Japan

diana marcelo la b smug

Diana Vishneva and Marcelo Gomes, La Bayadere, May 20, 2010. Click for more photos.

Naomi Mori of Backtrack reviews ABT’s Manon, the company’s final Japan performance. Naomi reports that Manon returns to the ABT repertoire after a seven-year absence. ABT’s new Manon stage production is by Peter Farmer, consisting of pastel-color tones much lighter than the previous Nicholas Georgiadis designs, according to Naomi.

Naomi was impressed by the leads, Diana Vishneva and Marcelo Gomes:

“It was such a treat to be dazzled by this convincing Manon with Vishneva, so irresistibly sensual yet never losing innocence, even through her degradation. That was kudos to Gomes for devoting himself so loyally to enhancing her exquisite portrayal, accelerating their drama to the very edge. Both Vishneva and Gomes were deeply involved in their roles, standing motionless even after the curtain rose for the bows. It was a night to remember.”