Hamilton Mania


Alexander Hamilton tombstone at Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan. Click for more photos of final resting places.

I thought about getting Broadway tickets to the blockbuster Hamilton during the March lull in ballet activity. No way. Tickets are available on StubHub for well over $500, even into June. I couldn’t find any tickets available on the Hamilton website even into January 2017.

Instead of focusing on the Broadway show, I am starting a new book on Hamilton, War of Two by John Sedgwick.┬áThe book sheds light on the rivalry between Hamilton and Aaron Burr. My photo above of Hamilton’s tombstone at Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan is in the photo insert in the book. Click the photo for other photos of final resting places of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Ulysses and Julia Grant, George Custer, Andrew Jackson, Napoleon, and others.

With his growing popularity, Hamilton’s grave is now a popular tourist destination, according to an article in The New York Times.