Emily Kikta and Dad to Perform New NYCB Work

Emily Kikta, Movements for Piano and Orch.

Emily Kikta, Movements for Piano and Orchestra, October 3, 2014

Peter Walker of NYCB debuts his new work, Ten in Seven, Tuesday with music by Thomas Kikta, father of NYCB dancer Emily Kikta, according to TribLive.com. Peter’s work is set to a guitar-centric score with piano, trumpet, and drums. Thomas will lead an ensemble on platforms above the stage and Emily will be one of the dancers, according to the article. Thomas is a classical guitarist and associate professor of music technology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.

“We are really close, my dad and I. I choreographed his music before. Now it’s really cool to merge our worlds at my workplace in a very official way,” she says.

“It’s like a hyper bring-your-dad-to-work day,” he adds.

I interviewed Emily in 2014 and Joshua Thew on their musical interests. Emily, Joshua, Peter, and Harrison Coll get together to produce some great music videos that are presented on Emily’s YouTube page.

Emily Kikta and friends

New York City Ballet dancers Harrison Coll, Emily Kikta, Peter Walker, Joshua Thew. Photo from Emily’s Google Plus page.