Flesh and Bone Premiers Nov. 8

Flesh and Bone, a limited series from Starz that is set in the cutthroat world of ballet, will premier November 8. The drama’s choreographer is former ABT Principal Dancer Ethan Stiefel with cast members Irina Dvorovenko and Sascha Radetsky, former ABT dancers.

According to Executive Producer Moira Walley-Beckett in the Los Angeles Times:

In discussing how “Flesh and Bone” sets itself apart from other ballet-set dramas that have emerged in TV and film over the years (i.e. “Center Stage” and “Black Swan”), Walley-Beckett and the cast said the Starz drama goes beyond the superficial.

“This is the first time we’ve really seen the underbelly of a ballet company,” Walley-Beckett said. “And I feel like a lot of those movies have catered to the very glossy, ephemeral optical illusion that is ballet. And we rip the Band-Aid off.”

And Starz expects the inherent high-stakes drama of it all will compel viewers to watch more than one episode in one sitting. Starz CEO Chris Albrecht announced earlier on Friday that “Flesh and Bone” (along with “Da Vinci’s Demons”) would make all episodes of the limited series available for Starz subscribers on its Starz Play app and Starz On Demand, corresponding with the show’s first episode premiere on Nov. 8.