Herman Cornejo Dancer Profile

Above photo, Le Spectre de la Rose, ABT, October 2015. Check out my latest YouTube video profile on Herman Cornejo. Herman is one of my favorite dancers starting when he was a young dancer at American Ballet Theatre. I remember watching him at City Center in the late 1990s as he made a big impression, thinking, “Who is this guy?” He quickly rose to the top of ABT, with promotions to Soloist in 2000 and Principal Dancer in 2003 at the age of only 22. Herman combines his massive leaping ability with great technique and form. His beat steps are unparalleled in the dance world. His turns are always impressive with great form. The video covers steps that make Herman great: beat steps such as high, big split entrechat six, cabrioles; countless turns; and smooth double assemblés. I wrap it up with an analysis of his Albrecht Act II Giselle solo, one the finest versions that I have seen.  For photos of Herman, take a look at curtain call photos at my photography website notmydayjobphotography.com.

Herman is one of the few dancers that is in the same class as Baryshnikov. For perspective, check out my Baryshnikov video trilogy focusing on his turns, jumps, and his turn and jump combinations.