Herman Cornejo in
Le Spectre de la rose

Andrea Lois Becker points me to a video of Herman Cornejo and Xiomara Reyes in Le Sprectre de la rose from Herman’s YouTube channel. Herman performs this role in ABT’s fall season with Sarah Lane and is simply brilliant. His leaps are high, but effortless and unforced. He has a great line with a perfectly proportioned, compact (5’6 inch) frame.

In the video, note his high jetés (1:26), nice separation in his assemblé six (1:54), great control in arabesque (2:23), double assemblés in both directions with tight fifth position landings (4:45), and etrechat six with wide separation (6:57) all done in the character of the spirit of a rose. I can’t imagine a better interpretation of the role.


Sarah Lane and Herman Cornejo, October 24, 2015. Click for more photos.


Herman Cornejo, October 24, 20125. Click for more photos.