How to do Italian Fouettés

Above photo: Chrystyn Fentroy, Dance Theatre of Harlem. American Ballet Theatre started its season yesterday with Don Quixote. A prominent step in the Act II Queen of the Dryads solo is Italian fouettés, a difficult for women. The step consists of four parts with the right leg as the working leg: (1) a relevé développé; (2) quarter turn and brush through first position facing the back diagonal; (3) fouetté to attitude to the right corner; and (4) plié and quarter turn to the next développé and repeat.

There is a lot going on in this step. See my video from my ballet video dictionary below for more detail. The video shows Susan Jaffe in Baryshnikov’s 1983 Don Quixote. Note her great control and precision. The second clip is the Mariinsky’s Alina Somova in the same role in Don Quixote from 2006. Her high extension is phenomenal!