Mikhailovsky Ballet at
Lincoln Center

Ivan Vasiliev, Le Corsaire, American Ballet Theatre, June 6, 2013

Ivan Vasiliev, Le Corsaire, American Ballet Theatre, June 6, 2013. Click for more photos of Ivan.

Mikhailovsky Ballet will perform at the Koch Theater at Lincoln Center from November 11-23. The Saint Petersburg, Russia company was scheduled to dance in New York in 2012 but decided to cancel when ABT exercised a non-compete clause involving two dancers who worked with both companies, Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev according to The New York Times.

The company will perform Giselle, Ou Les Wilis from November 11-13, The Flames of Paris from November 14-16, Three Centuries of Russian Ballet from November 18-19, and Don Quixote from November 20-23.

In addition to Natalia and Ivan, the company features former Mariinsky Ballet Company Principal dancer Leonid Sarafanov and Polina Semionova as a Guest Principal (although Polina is not scheduled to dance). Here is Leonid ripping off 11 straight double tours in rehearsal. 

Natalia and Ivan will be busy as Ivan has top billing in nine of the fifteen performances while Natalia is the lead in six performances. Ivan is the lead in three of the four performances in both Flames of Paris and Don Quixote. Natalia will dance with Leonid in Giselle on November 11 and 13.

The company made headlines in 2007 when fruit magnate Vladimir Kekhman was appointed as General Director of the Theatre. He donated $40 million for the renovation of the theater and enticed Natalia and Ivan to leave the storied Bolshoi Ballet for Mikhailovsky in 2011. Nacho Duato is the artistic director. 

I went to Lincoln Center Sunday for tickets and found some great values. While orchestra center tickets are priced at $149, side orchestra tickets (some in the front row) are only $29. The side orchestra seats at Koch theater are fine, with a full view of the stage. Not sure why some of the seats are so cheap, but I will always take front row seats at that price. I bought a number of tickets, averaging $35.

Side row R seats in the orchestra are also great values at Koch Theater. The row is separated and higher than rows A-Q, with nice unobstructed views of the stage. Even seats at the extreme sides in row R are great and priced at $55. At New York City Ballet performances, I sometimes see Artistic Director Peter Martins pop in and take a seat in row R left side (facing the stage).