New iPad Choreography App

Interesting article/video from The New York Times on an iPad app that allows users to choreograph on their iPad with New York City Ballet’s Daniel Ulbricht and Justin Pack.

“Passe-Partout, the third and newest dance application by the 2wice Arts Foundation, is its most complex yet. Produced by Patsy Tarr and designed by Abbott Miller, this app presents a new stage for dance that allows a user to overlay a series of one-minute pieces onto one another — there are eight solos or duets in total, though only five can be seen simultaneously — choreographed by Justin Peck for Mr. Ulbricht and himself. These layers allow for more than 40,000 permutations of dances. That’s a lot of bang for 99 cents.

In the dances, Mr. Peck and Mr. Ulbricht, members of New York City Ballet, are accompanied by the music of Aaron Severini, a former City Ballet member turned composer, who focuses on different instrumentation for each piece he composed; even if more than one is playing, they don’t clash. He created for clarinet, piano, harp, harpsichord, marimba and percussion.”

If I ever got my hands on this, the result would be monotonous: multiple pirouettes, double tours, repeat. Then repeat again. And again. And again…