Photos of Maine


Sunrise from Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine, August 16, 5:52 am. Click for more photos.

Not much on the New York dance scene as summer winds down. Instead, I’ve been focusing on photos from our family’s Maine vacation, an annual event. The state is beautiful, with abundant photo opportunities. We spent most of our time in Boothbay Harbor, (population 2,300) located on the central coast of Maine and is a popular tourist destination. Boothbay is filled with quaint places; my favorites include Down East Ice Cream Factory, Brown’s Warf Restaurant, Fudge Factory, and Thursday evening band concerts on the library lawn. In short, a perfect New England destination for a summer vacation. I posted photos on my photography website

We took a vacation within a vacation to Acadia National Park in northern coastal Maine near Bar Harbor. With nearly 50,000 acres, the photography opportunities are endless with numerous breathtaking views from mountain peaks.


Boulder Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine, August 17, 2015, 6:11 am. Click for more photos.

I spent most of my time photographing sunrises on Cadillac Mountain and Boulder Beach. Cadillac Mountain is a popular destination in Acadia, even in the early morning hours as many want to catch the first sunrise in the U.S. (however, this is true only in the fall and winter when the sun rises south of due east). Cadillac Mountain is within Acadia with an elevation of about 1,500 feet. Boulder Beach is popular for photography given its countless smooth, egg-shaped boulders and proximity to the beautiful Otter Cliff.


Sunrise from Boulder Beach, Acadia National Park, August 17, 5:49 am. Click for more photos.

The breathtaking views at sunrise make the 4 a.m. wakeup times worth it. Acadia is a wonderful national treasure with great hiking trails cut through glacier carved mountains, meadows, marshes, and forests. An unforgetable experience.


At Boulder Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine, August 17. Photo by Andrea. Click for more photos.